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Good Eatin': Robins Nest Quality Convenience Market open in Venice

Shari Robins (former chef at James Beach and Canal Club) has opened a Balducci-esque market on North Venice, offering such Good Life-essentials as Petrossian smoked salmon, local farmers' markets favorite Kenter Canyon Farms produce and Giorgio Baldi’s pasta sauces, cheek-to-jowel with bodega-staples like Goldfish and Kettle chips and where-are-they-when-you-need-'em household items like kitty litter, paper towels and window spray. Robins Nest Quality Convenience Market, 68 North Venice Boulevard (at Pacific), 310- 821-7281. <http://www.robinsnestmarket.com/>

The Beach: Safety for novice riders and skaters

A simple solution to the problem of where at the Santa Monica beach to learn to ride a bike or to rollerblade: The city should set aside the long, wide and unused roadway that extends alongside Barnard Way between the beach parking lots just north and just south of Ocean Park Boulevard. The area has short-term and all-day parking, and is close to two bike and skate rental stands. The designation of this area -- with signage there and elsewhere in the parking lots and along the beach walkway and the bike path -- would be especially appreciated by parents who are now forced to put their children at risk on the bike path or in the parking lots. Conveniently, it's located right next to the playground and to the snack stand, for those who have kids at different skill levels.

Politics: "Please Go Home and Tell Mr. Bush Not to Bomb Us" (reading)

Kelly Hayes-Raitt is in second place in her race for the Assembly. Staged readings of columns she wrote while in Iraq will will be presented in Pacific Palisades on Sunday. It's a great chance to evaluate the candidate first hand.

"Please Go Home and Tell Mr. Bush Not to Bomb Us"
A staged reading of Kelly Hayes-Raitt's dramatic accounts of her two trips to Iraq, will occur Sunday, May 21 at 7:30 pm at the Pacific Palisades Women's Club, 901 Haverford Avenue, Pacific Palisades.

As a member of the Santa Monica Women's Commission, Kelly Hayes-Raitt traveled to Iraq five weeks before the U.S. Pres. Bartlett endorses Kelly, Pres. Bartlett endorses Kelly, too!too!bombings and invasion and returned in July, 2003, just weeks after "mission accomplished." She interviewed dozens of women, children and men about their lives during the first Gulf War, the regime, the economic sanctions and the horrifying "shock and awe" of this current war. Her poignant columns appeared in the Santa Monica Daily Press and are posted with her stirring photos at KellyForAssembly.com.

Kelly's columns were adapted for the stage by Emmy Award-winner and Santa Monica resident Robert Illes ("The Carol Burnett Show") and the show will be directed by Woodland Hills resident Riley Steiner (Page Bowen on "General Hospital"), who recently assisted in the directing of the critically acclaimed "What I Heard About Iraq."

Participating in the reading will be:

Julie Sanford ("Something's Gotta Give," "In Justice," "Scrubs," "Dragnet"); Susan Savage ("Boston Public," "Baywatch," "Cold Case," "Judging Amy"); *Sarah Ripard (originated the role of Kitty DeSouza in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Broadway production of "Bombay Dreams"); Jennifer Capps ("The Lounge" Theatre in Hollywood); Hallie Cooper (from Calabasas High School and a founding member of Staged Souls, a theatre company of high school and college students).

Got Room?
Want to contribute to the campaign but are tight on time and money? Donate your hospitality! They need spare rooms to house volunteers coming to LA to help Kelly during the last 2 weeks of the campaign! Think you can help? Please call Jennifer Boschma at (310) 392-8715 for more information.

Come to a Phone Bank!
Calling for volunteers! Bring your friends and family to one of Kelly's friendly phone banks! The election is June 6, so call Heather at (310) 392-8715 to sign up today!

Santa Monica
Campaign Headquarters
2617 7th St.
Sunday 1:00pm - 8:00 pm
Monday 6:00pm - 8:00 pm
Wednesday 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

24955 PCH, Suite C-301
Wednesday 6:00pm - 8:00 pm

162 S. A Street
Tuesday 6:00pm - 8:00 pm
Wednesday 6:00pm - 8:00 pm
Thursday 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Kelly for Assembly: <http://kellyforassembly.com/>


Access (cont.): Long promised, broadband over power lines becoming a reality

The Marketplace Morning Report on NPR this morning reported that electric companies are getting into the high-speed internet business by employing what's being called Broadband over Power Lines, or BPL: "By purchasing the right equipment power companies can quickly offer internet service to millions of new customers. There are several pilot projects being launched in the US...." Market Place Morning Report:


Bikes: 12th Annual California Bike Commute Week May 15-19, 2006

California Bike Commute is a project of the California Bicycle Coalition, a non profit organization that advocates increased bicycle use, access, safety and education by promoting the bicycle as an everyday means of transportation and recreation.

Various special activities have been organized locally California Bicycle Coalitionby ride share agencies, cities, counties, employers, bicycle advocacy groups, bike shops and others who support bicycle transportation in California's communities.

Events may be planned in your area (see below), including bike tune-up clinics, morning "buddy rides," pit stops, energizing stations and noon-time rallies.

Visit the Smart Traveler website for further tips on commuting; a great source of transportation systems and related links in California sponsored by Cal Trans. A check list to help prepare for the commute is at the bottom of the Cal Bike Commute home page.

Click below for information about events in your area:

Bay Area Bike to Work Day
Los Angeles County Bike to Work Day
Modesto Bike to Work Day
Sacramento Bike Week
San Diego Regional Bike to Work Day
San Francisco Bike to Work Day
Santa Barbara County Bike Week
Santa Clarita Event info
Santa Cruz Bike to Work Day
Orange County Bike to Work Day
Ventura County Bike to Work Day

California Bicycle Coalition: http://www.calbike.org/>
California Bike Commute: <http://www.californiabikecommute.com/>


Bikes: Critical Mass' Monthly Ride

This month's ride falls on Cinco de Mayo. Critical Mass thinks it would be a good thing if we converted our polluted, congested roads into bike-friendly thoroughfares. The monthly ride through Venice and Santa Monica is conducted as a call for better cycling facilities and a protest against the car culture. Although you may have read that Critical Mass' actions have inspired police harassment in New York, here the event has been the occasion for a kind of rolling party where a good time is had by all. To join in, show up, with your bike, of course, either at 5:30 at UCLA (corner of Westwood Blvd. & Le Conte), at 6:00 p.m. at the Venice Circle (Main St. & Windward Ave.), or 6:30 at the Santa Monica Pier (Ocean Ave @ Colorado Ave.). The three groups coalesce into one critical mass at the Pier. <http://www.SantaMonicaCriticalMass.org/>