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Bikes: Critical Mass' Monthly Ride

This month's ride falls on Cinco de Mayo. Critical Mass thinks it would be a good thing if we converted our polluted, congested roads into bike-friendly thoroughfares. The monthly ride through Venice and Santa Monica is conducted as a call for better cycling facilities and a protest against the car culture. Although you may have read that Critical Mass' actions have inspired police harassment in New York, here the event has been the occasion for a kind of rolling party where a good time is had by all. To join in, show up, with your bike, of course, either at 5:30 at UCLA (corner of Westwood Blvd. & Le Conte), at 6:00 p.m. at the Venice Circle (Main St. & Windward Ave.), or 6:30 at the Santa Monica Pier (Ocean Ave @ Colorado Ave.). The three groups coalesce into one critical mass at the Pier. <http://www.SantaMonicaCriticalMass.org/>


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