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Bikes: 12th Annual California Bike Commute Week May 15-19, 2006

California Bike Commute is a project of the California Bicycle Coalition, a non profit organization that advocates increased bicycle use, access, safety and education by promoting the bicycle as an everyday means of transportation and recreation.

Various special activities have been organized locally California Bicycle Coalitionby ride share agencies, cities, counties, employers, bicycle advocacy groups, bike shops and others who support bicycle transportation in California's communities.

Events may be planned in your area (see below), including bike tune-up clinics, morning "buddy rides," pit stops, energizing stations and noon-time rallies.

Visit the Smart Traveler website for further tips on commuting; a great source of transportation systems and related links in California sponsored by Cal Trans. A check list to help prepare for the commute is at the bottom of the Cal Bike Commute home page.

Click below for information about events in your area:

Bay Area Bike to Work Day
Los Angeles County Bike to Work Day
Modesto Bike to Work Day
Sacramento Bike Week
San Diego Regional Bike to Work Day
San Francisco Bike to Work Day
Santa Barbara County Bike Week
Santa Clarita Event info
Santa Cruz Bike to Work Day
Orange County Bike to Work Day
Ventura County Bike to Work Day

California Bicycle Coalition: http://www.calbike.org/>
California Bike Commute: <http://www.californiabikecommute.com/>


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