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The Props: Election 2006 Blog and Hot Topics

"This website features information about the measures on the ballot in the November 2006 election in California...regularly updated through the remainder of the election cycle, and afterward, with to-the-minute details about polls, endorsements, campaign finance data, and news about each proposition....

"These pages are maintained by the Institute of Governmental Studies Library. The Institute of Governmental Studies is an interdisciplinary organized research unit (ORU) at the University of California at Berkeley that promotes research, training, educational activities, and public service in the areas of American and California politics and public policy.

"The Institute of Governmental Studies Library is one of 11 affiliated libraries on campus. The IGS Library is one the nation’s premier libraries of non-trade and ephemeral materials on American public affairs and policy. The core of the collection is comprised of pamphlets and unbound reports from a broad spectrum of public interest organizations, research institutes and government agencies...a strong reference collection of monographs and journals on American political science and public administration...has served the research and public service mission of the Institute of Governmental Studies for over 70 years...and has evolved into a large specialized library serving not only Institute scholars but the University community and the general public." -- from the website. <http://igs.berkeley.edu/library/election2006/>


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