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Gridlock: Worst US Traffic Bottlenecks
We're #1!

Of the 10 most congested traffic interchanges in the country, four are in Los Angeles County:
1. U.S. 101 at the I-405 Interchange (Los Angeles)
2. I-610 at I-10 Interchange (Houston)
3. I-90/94 at I-290 Interchange (Chicago)
4. I-10 at SR 51/SR 202 Interchange (Phoenix)
5. I-405 at I-19 Interchange (Los Angeles)
6. I-85 south of I-85 Interchange (Atlanta)
7. I-496 at I-270 Interchange (DC-Maryland-Virginia)
8. I-10 at I-5 Interchange (Los Angeles)
9. I-405 at I-605 Interchange (Los Angeles)
10.I-285 at I-85 Interchange (Atlanta)
"An Initial Assessment of Freight Bottlenecks on Highways," Cambridge Systematics, Inc.


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