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Community Input: Santa Monica General Plan

On Tuesday, August 16th at 6:30 p.m. at Ken Edwards Center, 1527 4th Street, the City's Planning and Community Development Department will host one of its pro forma community meetings to shape the discussion of its Opportunities and Challenges report, the second part of its Shape the Future 2025/Motion by the Ocean marketing campaign to build support for the city staff's version of new Land Use and Circulation Elements for the City of Santa Monica’s General Plan. While the staff makes an effort to keep a tight rein on these sessions and generally ignores the public's input in their aftermath, still they remain one of the few opportunities to have your say before the city rushes through adoption of the plan that will control the development of Santa Monica for the next two decades.

The report is available online <http://www.shapethefuture2025.net/pdf/oc_report_web.pdf>, at all branches of the Santa Monica Library and at the city planning department's public counter in city hall. Public hearings are currently scheduled for September 7 at the planning commission and at the September 27 city council meeting, with staff reports available prior to each meeting.


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