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Do we come in lower than Old Sturbridge Village?

"Intel's 3rd Annual Most Unwired Cities survey ranks the top 100 U.S. cities and regions for the greatest wireless Internet accessibility. This year's survey reveals a growing number of diverse locations - both indoors and outdoors - where people can log on and connect to the Internet without wires. Today, wireless hotspots can be found at coffee shops, colleges and hotels, but they're also popping up at skate parks, pipe shops, gas stations, bowling alleys and golf courses." Here's a link to Intel's top 100 unwired cities and regions. Orange County is #10 and San Diego is #11, Sacramento is #18, Los Angeles-Long Beach are at #24, Vallejo-Fairfield-Napa are #40, Ventura is 51#, Fresno is 54#, Riverside-San Bernardino come in at #74, the Stockton-Lodi area is #81 and Bakersfield is #98. Guess who's not on the list.


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