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Lecture Series: Imagining Venice

Imagining Venice
Sundays 2:30-4:00 p.m.
Venice Center For Peace With Justice & The Arts
2210 Lincoln Bl (at Victoria Ave), Venice
(enter first gate on Victoria and proceed thru courtyard to The Parlour)

A University of Venice Production

Hosted by Eric Vollmer

Future (Invited) Guest Speakers Include:
Joel Shapiro, Artistic Director, Electric Lodge
Judy Baca, Artistic Director, Sparc
Fred Dewey, Managing Director, Beyond Baroque
Marilyn Fox, Artistic Director, Pacific Residents Ensemble
Elayne Alexander, Venice Historical Society
Todd Von Hoffmann, Author, Venice Centennial Committee

Watch for: In collaboration with the Venice Center, the Electric Lodge and local artists, Eric Vollmer and the Voice in the Well Ensemble are planning a Chautauqua Performing Arts Festival in the Summer of 2005 to celebrate the Venice Centenary and pay homage to its Founder, Abbot Kinney, who launched a cultural Renaissance in Southern California on July 4, 1905.


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